The workshop provides college students a base to Machine vision which covers all the basics of MATLAB and image processing with hands on demonstrations of latest six sense techniques and tools, Live Demos, Interactive Question and Answer sessions, etc. The benefits of workshops are that students receive unparalleled education on the art of Technology with personal one on one attention; they can learn and interact with renowned industry experts.

Getting started with Sixth Sense

Season 1

  • Introduction to Sixth Sense Technology
  • Advancements in Robotics & Sixth Sense Technology
  • ➤ Introduction to Computer vision
  • Need of computer vision in industries
  • Introduction to basic electronics
  • Getting started with microcontrollers

Season 2

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Introduction to Arduino Hardware
  • Introduction to arduino Programming Language
  • Programming in micro-controllers
  • Compilation and debugging

Season 3

  • Getting started with computer Vision
  • Introduction to MATLAB
  • Introduction to Digital Image Processing
  • Introduction to Image Processing Tool box

Season 4

  • Image acquisition in MATLAB
  • Image manipulation MATLAB
  • Concepts like Luminance, Hue, and Intensity
  • Finding Pixel Value Operations in Pixel Value

Season 5

  • Video acquisition
  • Sending serial and parallel data using MATLAB
  • Implementing Image Processing on the kit and systems

Season 6

  • Parallel Port programming & machine control
  • Vision based machine
  • Development of a line follower robot using concepts of color based image processing

Certificate of Participation from Techkriti, IIT Kanpur to each participant.

Superior learning experience from the experts to enhance the practical skills.