Lawsuits among the giants in the tech world

Posted on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 by Jayashrita Debnath

It is another morning. You open the newspaper and once again there’s a case filed by some tech company about patent issues. Samsung, Apple, Google, Sony, Motorola, HTC, Microsoft, Nokia : all the giants in the communication technology market frequently drag each other to courts for some million dollar patent cases.

The smartphone patents licensing and litigation battles seem to never end. Most of us have also heard about the funny rumour about how Samsung lost a case and repaid Apple million dollars through coins loaded on trucks!!! But what is of interest to us, the consumers?


Each of this company tries to monopolize the market by licensing some newly developed technology. This technology could be the patterns how the icons are arranged or colours of icons or a new product that has some way to monitor health of the users.

We know how Nokia phones are durable, Samsung makes some good Android products and Apple leads the iphone market in its own unique way. Wouldn’t it be better for the consumers if these patents would be shared or atleast be lent to the other companies? Is it right for a company to patent the way even icons are arranged? There has been a case how such tech giants had secretly made an agreement to not recruit each other’s employees and paid low wages to their employees. Do the companies also have such secret deals to fix higher prices for their products? We do not know.

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