A talk with me..

Posted on Saturday, September 6th, 2014 by Jayashrita Debnath

Corruption. Politics. Poverty. Women Empowerment. Global Warming.

All these have become so common in our lives today. Almost every one of us has our own view to put forward, our own essays to deliver. But have we ever asked ourselves what are we doing? How are we different from the rest?

We all every now and then engage in the blame game, where we ridicule government officials taking bribes, we reproach the politicians, we feel aggrieved by the dismal condition of the poor, we talk about women rights and we keep talking of a lot more issues in the society.


The problem with the society is everyone just talks. The youth today is aware of every issue but sadly, isn’t ready to take the first step. We are all waiting for someone to bring a change. On the contrary, when anyone of us actually takes a step, we seldom support him/her.

Well educated, young engineers and doctors engage in little corruptions in everyday life. We rarely see anything wrong in our getting a little ‘share’ in the money collected for a cause. It’s ok to bribe the hostel peon for bringing in a bottle of beer. There is nothing wrong, in fact in paying hefty sums to buy a seat for an admission. After all, its our money. There is absolutely nothing wrong if we get our driving licenses made through some contacts. What is wrong if we don’t switch of lights or fans. A girl is getting molested. We will walk by. Who would like to be a witness and hence a part of police investigation. But when the world goes for a candle light march in support of the victim, we will follow.

We all are part of the system, the society. What may seem miniscule in our perspective collectively forms the ocean of problems that we always discuss. We may feel, we cannot bring a change to the world alone, but if we do our bit, the world will change. So next time before blaming the world for all the wrongs that are prevalent in the society sit back and introspect. What have I done to bring a change?