The top '15' that will make it BIG in ‘2015’

Posted on January 6th, 2015 by Lavanya Bathwal

Finally, I reached the entrance to the cave, clothes drenched in perspiration and chest heaving with every cumbersome stride. The inside of the cave was well lit by lamps which kept the passage illuminated. The solar panels on the outside convinced me of the fact that this was no ordinary cave. This techno-touch made it all the more eerie.

The passageway - with walls adorned by graffiti from various TV series and Movies - opened into a circular room where two human-like beings (not three- this isn't Macbeth) were singing and dancing around a boiling cauldron-

'Double double toil and trouble,

Fire burns and cauldron bubbles.'

"Welcome inquisitive mind! We will satiate the geek in you!" they spoke in unison.

"Show me what will 2015 enfold and I shall include you in my next article", I replied.

The being who called himself “two zero” threw something into the boiling pot and seven hazy images came into shape.

The first almost blinded my eyes as bright light emanated from it. Behold the Almighty! The God will be back this year. The doubly replenished Large Hadron Collider will be back on track after a two year long lull in Geneva, Switzerland. The boson is sure to lead the way in particle physics.

The next two images were aeronautical with the logo of NASA. The first one represented NASA’s Dwarf spacecraft which will land on Ceres, the largest celestial body of the asteroid belt, this March. Ceres is believed to have a large amount of ice. Could this be an interstellar in reality? This is not the end of NASA’s expedition. July will see the New Horizon’s aircraft pass by Pluto. It seems that space exploration will be extending its reach this year.

What next do I see? Is it a virus? The fourth image was none other than the nemesis of many an African region, Ebola. Why does it seem to be struggling? Voila, it's good news! 2014 was the year when "the Ebola virus challenged humanity," as told by the World Health Organization's Assistant Director General Dr. Marie-Paule Kieny, who also mentioned that 2015 would be remembered as a year when "humanity used our best scientific minds to fight back."

Another pleasant news was revealed by the fifth apparition, that of a happy baby polar bear cuddling in its mother’s embrace. It seems, 2015 will witness extensive research in glacier melting in the Arctic region.

The sixth was a doctor talking about the research in cancer immunotherapy (the Dark Knight) which will rise this year to protect ‘Cancer City’, using efficient and targeted chemo and drugs.

The last one was a robot. Sounds mainstream, but it isn't. This one was escorting a blind woman across the street. Artificial intelligence has a lot to reveal this year given that Stanford University will lead a 100-year effort to study the long-term implications of artificial intelligence in all aspects of life. We could well be seeing the invention of a ‘HAL-9000 series’, as we say in real than in reel.

I was so mesmerised by these revelations that I was caught off guard and almost flinched as the icy cold fingers of the other being who called himself ‘one five’ touched my arm.

“Enough of the science-ey stuff! Don't bore our guest!” he scoffed looking at ‘two zero’, “let's look at the other picture, the entertainment.” Although I was enjoying it, the other proposal seemed all the more tempting so I nodded back. After another go at the cauldron, a new set of seven apparitions began to take shape.

What can be a better start to entertainment than the marvel super-heroes. We all can't wait to see Avengers: Age of Ultron releasing this April. Marvel fans must have already started their countdowns.

The second image was no less appealing. Fifty shades of grey, the movie which has created quite a stir after the success of the novel, will soon be releasing. Statutory Warning: 18 years and above only!

What is this third image? A martini? With three olives, shaken not stirred! Now I get it. 007 will be back this year with the new film Spectre. Who can miss a bond film?

The next apparition was certainly the cream of the crop. Darth Vader? Rings a bell? Yes, Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. After three decades, following Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi! Sheldon Cooper might as well give up his favourite spot on the couch for it. 18th December, 2015, you might want to bookmark it!

This year 14th February is special. Not for the usual reason, though. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 will be kick-started with the opening match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Not so famous all over the world, but we Indians idolize this, pretty much, as our religion.

Do I see a Lannister? Yes it is Tyrian! A Lannister always pays his debts! GOT has emerged as one of the most watched and highly acclaimed TV series. Season 5 is coming with the underlining theme - Valar Morghulis.

The last apparition was a clock. It depicted that we have an extra second this year for entertainment. I don't think it will be so entertaining for Internet with the Y2K bug and all.

“That is all we can show, the rest will unfold as time passes,” quipped “two zero” braking my trance. No sooner did I turn to face him than they disappeared into thin air leaving me alone in the cave.

If you have read the article then you must have noticed a mistake. Where is the 15th thing? That is reserved for every individual who wants to make it big this new year!

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